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With a menu full of fresh fish, vegetables, tofu, rice and more, Ahi & Vegetables is a

great healthy option in downtown Honolulu. “They are amazing. They have the best

spicy ahi, hands down. I highly recommend them.”

Ahi & Vegetables, 1126 Fort St. Mall,

808 599 3500

Well Bento serves food minus any “GMOs, boxes, bottles or cans. The menu includes

meat, fresh fish, tofu, seitan or tempeh served over organic brown rice, with

their signature tahini sauce.”

Well Bento, 2570 S. Beretania St.,

808 941 5261

“We had lunch at the wonderful Legend Vegetarian Restaurant. It was a treat

for us to not have to worry about what was in each dumpling. We could just point

to anything on the cart and all was totally vegetarian and delicious.”

Legend Vegetarian Restaurant, 109 N.

Beretania St., 808 532 8218


La Mariana is “the way places in Honolulu looked in the 1950s: bamboo, fishnet,

glass balls, stuffed fish, twinkling lights all adorn the walls. A trip to Hawaii just isn’t

complete without a stop at this hard-to-find but well-worth-the-hunt spot on the way to

airport from downtown. Go, have a mai tai, pretend Ike is still president and life is still

slow and easy.”

La Mariana, 50 Sand Island Access Road,

808 848 2800

Known for its garlic ahi (tuna), the hole-inthe- wall, kitschy Japanese-themed Irifune

Restaurant is walking distance from Waikiki and a real local secret. “The seared

ahi was soft as butter. Perhaps the most wonderful piece of fish I have ever tasted.”

Irifune Restaurant, 563 Kapahulu Ave.,

808 737 1141

Indigo is consistently one of the best restaurants on Oahu. The wait staff are

professional, friendly and very helpful in accommodating special dietary requirements.

The entrees are a wonderful marriage of local Hawaiian fish and meats with Asian

accompaniments and spices. Although it is not in Waikiki, it is worth the cab fare or drive

to experience the tantalizing specialties.”

Indigo Eurasian Cuisine 1121 Nu’uanu Ave.,

808 521 2900

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