Honolulu Chinatown is the area where you will find all kinds of Asian shops. You will find that Chinatown is rich in a variety of Asia culture including Korean, Hawaiian, Chinese and Laotian culture. While at the site, you can learn about the history of the Chinese people. The Chinese people moved to Hawaii since 1798. At that time, there are only a few Chinese people in Hawaii. Later, more Chinese people immigrate to Hawaii to work at the sugar plantations. After a few years, the Chinese people started their own community. They do business and sell goods within their community. When there is a substantial population of Chinese in Honolulu, the name Honolulu Chinatown was given.

Honolulu Chinatown experienced two disasters in the past. The first disaster is a ravaging fire that occurs in the area during 1886. The second disaster is a bubonic plague. The bubonic plague, which occurred in 1899, caused the whole town to be placed in quarantine. The government set up plans to eliminate the diseases in 1900. Buildings that are contaminated with the bubo virus are destroyed with fire. At first, the fire is meant to burn the contaminated buildings. However, the presence of wind caused most of the Chinatown area to be destroyed with fire.

Although many disasters had occurred in Chinatown, the local people had joined effort to restore it. One of the most important tourist attractions in Honolulu Chinatown is the Hawaii Theatre. If you want to explore the town, you should participate in the walking tour. If you are interested in taking part in the walking tour, you can visit the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. The walking tour is available every Tuesday. You can also tour around the town yourself. If you plan to tour around the town yourself, you should obtain maps from the Oahu resorts. At night, you should not wander around the town yourself, as it can be dangerous.

You will find many Chinese restaurants that serve traditional Chinese cuisines at Chinatown. There are food stalls and shops that sell Chinese stuffs. If you want to celebrate the Chinese New Year, you should visit the town in January. During Chinese New Year, the town will be filed with people but this will be a great time to visit the place. There are three large markets in Chinatown that sell fresh produce. You can buy lei flowers from the lei shop in Chinatown as well.