Those that visit the Waikiki area are going to be in for a treat from the very beginning. Waikiki started out as a beach that was catered to the richest families that were in Hawaii, and was often terms the beach ‘estate’. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that tourists began to flock to the area. There were a few hotels during this time in which people would stay. Some of the most famous people that visit the area was Mark Twain and Robert Stevenson. The first hotel that appeared on the beach for people to stay in was the Moana Hotel. Then, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel followed in the 1920s. Things begin to change for the small area in 1921 when they built the Ala Wai Canal. Now, Waikiki offers things that are going to make your vacation worthwhile and a splendid stay at one of the many hotels and resorts in the area.


The Waikiki Beach Center is a must see since you can arrange surf lessons here, which for those that are visiting the area, surf lessons are a must since this is one of the main activities to do in the area. There is also the Hans Hedemann Surf School that is located at the Outriffer Reef Hotel and the Waikiki Sheraton hotel. For those that are looking for something other than surfing sports, then they are going to find catamaran and canoes a popular option as well. There is also boogie boarding that the person can participate in.


For those that want a more romantic activity, then the person can hear the local music that is played while walking on the beach at night. They can also choose to add a little fun to the vacation by going to one of the luaus on the island that is going to be tons of fun. They are usually put on by many of the hotels in the area during the week. Though if you are looking for the best, you should consider the luaus put on at the Royal Hawaiian during Monday evenings.


For those that want to spend their time in Waikiki shopping, then they are not going to be disappointed with the Royal Hawaiian Shopping center that has many stores to choose from. There are also fast food in the area for people to eat while shopping. Across from this store area is the International Market Place, which is a sight of its own to see. There are many shops of local artists here as well that you can watch create their masterpieces.


For those that are all into hiking, then you should go to Waikiki Historic Trail. This is free, which is even better, and is a guided tour of the historic sites that are throughout the area. This is offered by Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association. These tours take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at nine at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.


You are definitely going to find something to do and explore while in the area, no matter what you are interested in, and all members of your family are going to love the area because of the things that it offers to do.