Polynesian Cultural Center is a popular tourist attraction in Oahu. This is the largest Polynesian luau in Oahu. Polynesian Cultural Center provides visitors the opportunities to explore various cultures. There are native guides that offer explanation on the various aspects of each culture including history, music and crafts. The luau is accompanied with exciting evening show. At the luau, you can enjoy all kinds of food such as Lomilomi salmon, chicken long rice, Kalua pork, Huli Huli Chicken, Lau Lau potato salad and baked sweet potato. Fruits such as bananas, lychee, apples, coconuts, watermelons, grapes and cantaloupe are also served at the luau.

Several competitions are held at the Polynesian Cultural Center. One of the competitions is the Te Whanaketanga competition. In the Te Whanaketanga competition, the Maori from New Zealand will sing and dance to the kappa haka song. The Haha Hard and Poi E! Hard are two features of the Te Whanaketanga competition. The dance shown at the Te Whanaketanga competition are traditional warrior dances performed to scare away the enemy before the war takes place. The dance is performed with full of energy. The duration of the dance lasts for about 4 minutes.

Polynesian Cultural Center offers a variety of activities such as spear throwing, Maori war canoe, Haka Dance, fire pit cooking, tree climbing and etc. You can take part in the Laie tour. During the Laie tour, you can visit the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors Center. At the visitor’s center, there is a marble Christus sculpture. You will be able to explore various kinds of exhibits that provide explanation for the belief of the Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Laie Hawaii Temple was originally constructed in 1919 to provide Sunday services to members in the Pacific Island. Over the years, many Polynesian Latter day Saints members have come to attend the Laie Hawaii Temple.

Tourists who want to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center can come by various types of transportation. Most of the tourists come from Waikiki. You can come by transportations such as mini bus, limousine, motor coach, cars and other types of public transportation. You can get free transportation if you purchase the ticket package. If you want to drive to the Polynesian Cultural Center, you should take the Kamehameha Highway. The cultural center is situated at markers 55 – 370 on Kamehameha Highway. The cost of parking a vehicle at the parking lot is $8 per vehicle.