Waikiki Beach is the pristine beach located in Oahu and is one and half miles of white sand that people love to visit. The reason that so many people like to come to this beach is the fact that the water is an aqua color, with shores that are white sand giving off a clean feel to it. Those that go to the beach often find that they can relax in the sand and even gaze the Diamond Head Volcano that is in the distance. Or for those that are more into action, they are going to find plenty of water sports in the area to participate in. The weather in the area never goes below seventy degrees, while never going higher than ninety degrees, and the skies are usually free of clouds, making it perfect for those that visit.


The waters at Waikiki beach are marked off for those that are surfing and this does decrease the size of the whole beach. However, this does not seem to turn people off from visiting the area. The person that likes to swim is going to find that they can swim under the water and open their eyes, seeing all the life under the ocean. For those that use surf boards, the waves are perfect for whatever you have in mind. And there are even shallow waters for kids to splash and have a good time in. There are parts of the beach that are a bit rocky, thus the person should be careful in some areas.


Part of the allure of Waikiki Beach is that there are many amenities that the person can choose from that are just a short walk away, such as hotels, restaurants, shops and the Kapiolani Park. Some of the most interesting things about Waikiki are:

-The state of Duke Kahanamoku, who is considered the ‘Father of Modern Surfing’ is the one thing that welcomes people to the area

-A free movie event called ‘Sunset on the Beach’ is held here on a thirty foot outdoor screen

-Brunch of the Beach is also offered once a month in which island chefs are offering their most delicious foods at discount prices.

-The third oldest aquarium is located here, the Waikiki Aquarium, and this aquarium is what gave Jules Verne’s his inspiration for ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’

– The white sand of the beach at Waikiki was actually imported from Manhattan Beach in California

– The Wizard Stones in the area are said to have the spirit of four Tahitian priests.