Waikiki is situated on the south side of Honolulu. In the Hawaiian language, Waikiki means spouting waters. Waikiki became famous after the Moana Surf rider hotel was built on the Waikiki sore. It is so famous that pictures of its beaches can be found on postcards. People will always think of Waikiki when they hear the word Hawaii. Waikiki is the place where many hotels and resorts are concentrated. The tourism industry in Waikiki has been thriving since the 1940s. Many airlines offer flight services to Waikiki. Many celebrities frequently take vacation to Waikiki. Many films have also been shot at Waikiki. The famous rock and roll star, Elvis Presley regularly visits the island to shoot his film.

As a tourism destination, you can find almost all kinds of facilities at Waikiki including restaurants, shops and resorts. The Diamond Head crater is located not far from Waikiki. It became a popular surfing site after Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing to the local people. Duke Kahanamoku is a gold medalist in the Olympic competition. He is known as the father of modern surfing because he taught the people how to surf. To remember his effort, the Duke Kahanamoku statue was erected at Waikiki. Many world-class hotels can be found around the shores of Waikiki Beach including Hilton and Sheraton hotels.

There are many tourist attractions in Waikiki so you will have many places to visit. The Honolulu Zoo offers exhibitions on various types of birds, mammals and reptiles. You can watch almost all kinds of animals in the zoo including black howler monkey, black rhino, caracal, cheetah, duck, flamingo and etc. If you like to watch fishes, you can visit the Waikiki Aquarium. You can explore the historical sites by hiking the Waikiki Historical Trail. If you want to buy something, you can visit the Kuhio Avenue. You can watch entertainment shows at the Royal Hawaiian Center. If you want to go strolling, you can go to the Waikiki Beach Walk. While strolling on the Waikiki Beach Walk, you can watch the sunset. Waikiki is nearby to many famous tourist attractions in Oahu such as Hanauma Bay and Ala Moana Crater. Nearby Waikiki is Kapahulu and Chinatown.

You can visit the Waikiki spas if you want to relax. Most of the spa centers are located in the resorts. You can go to the spa center to enjoy the lomilomi massage. The spa parlor also offers other types of wellness and rejuvenation treatments.