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Humpback Whale is the whale known to migrate from Alaska into the warm waters of Hawaii Islands for mating. This is what makes Hawaii a great place for whale watching, not to mention that in this period of mating, these whales become more active leading to raise themselves to the surface of the waters with tail slaps and breaching. These will become the attraction and the excitement of the whale watchers who come every year in this purpose.

With the following tips you will be shown how to enjoy at its best this whale watching activity:

* Plan your Hawaii trip during the peak months — you should know that Humpback whales arrive in November and leave at the end of May. In case your vacation is planned for this period of the year, then you can rest assured that you will see them, but to have the certainty that you see the most of them, then during February and March would be the right time.

* Go to places that are renowned for whale watching — these three ones are famous for this activity: Kauai, Maui and Big Island. Therefore reach in at least one of these islands while you’re staying in Hawaii.

* You can plan for a boat tour — in this way you can approach the whale watching in their natural habitat and due to their curious nature, you can as well see them getting close to the boat to have a look at it from close.

You c an as well see them from the land especially if you reach on higher points of land in the areas of the coasts as well as inside these locations on Kauai Island: Kealia Lookout and Kilauea Lighthouse.

* Do not mix up with their environment — as with any other outdoor activity in Hawaii, you should know that there are rules with whale matching, such as not getting closer than 100 yards of a whale, although they can be bold enough to come close to observe you.

* Respect the Humpback whale specie — during the early years of the 20th century, these whales were almost on extinction, but nowadays there are known to be around 40,000 humpback whales across the world. Apart from the fact that they are under federal law preservation, we can as well proceed into preserving this specie by doing the following:

– Do not pollute the waters and the beaches.
– Participate in activities that show responsibility in front of these mammals.
– Support in any way possible the preservation and the research programs.

If you want to find out more, you should read more books on whales, watch documentaries to understand better their way of living and surviving in a world that has become less responsible with the environment although a lot of effort is put into preserving it. Make sure that you are the one to take into account the preservation rules, and if one person pays attention to this, then there will be definitely other more to come.

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